Murphy’s law for wedding photographers

Ora aqui vão as "Leis de Murphy para fotógrafos de casamento", copiadas do blog do fotógrafo sul-africano Quintin Mills e às quais achei imensa piada :)

  1. Dust Spots will always appear on an image in the most difficult spot to photoshop.
  2. For dropped equipment, the surface hardness on which it lands is directly proportional to the cost of replacing or repairing said equipment.
  3. The Client will always order an enlargement of the only unsharp proof.
  4. Memory cards fill up when the bride walks down the aisle
  5. The Groom will always dip the Bride towards Uncle Bob *
  6. Hard drives will only crash when you have something NOT backed up.
  7. Cameras generally fail during the formals.
  8. Flash batteries go flat during the first dance.
  9. If you take 3 shots of the bride walking down the aisle with her dad, she will blink in two of them. And he will blink in the other one.
  10. If you take four shots, she blinks in two, he blinks in one, and she moistens her lips in the fourth.
  11. If you take 5 shots, she blinks in two, he blinks in one, she moistens her lips in one, and Uncle Bob’s video camera obscures your view in the fifth.
  12. The sixth one is out of focus
  13. You will have multiple, serious inquires for the only date you have booked in a given month.
  14. Your most beautiful bride ever, wearing the most stylish designer dress, turns out to be a blinker in 75% of the photos.
  15. When the ceremony is outside, no matter where it is, the sun is always behind the scene.
  16. The one shot that the bride remembers you taking is the one you deleted
  17. The only window at the venue will be directly behind the bride and groom, have bright sunlight coming through it and the officiant said “no flash!”
  18. The less time you have for formals, the more difficult it is to get the group together/to cooperate.And lastly…
  19. The person who you uncharacteristically flipped the bird to for cutting you off on the highway while driving to the wedding will turn out to be the father of the bride. (Dont ask me how I know this)
* Uncle Bob is a term used to describe a wedding guest with a camera. They are usually serious hobbyists and often have expensive pro equipment. Due to their inexperience with covering events, they often get in the way of the paid professional and ask Photo 101 questions when he is busy working. "

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Gostei em especial do "uncle bob" e do ponto 19 lollol

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